Info graphic week

My info graphic is in the Google Drive class folder for activities since the charts contain information not quite ready for public consumption.


The Gaze

Well, I goofed and didn’t realize there was a blog post due last week. In lieu of that, I offer this fascinating article that uses Melania Trump’s Twitter account as an archive. The title is a bit sensational, but the methodology is astute.

Fairytale Prisoner by Choice: The Photographic Eye of Melania Trump

Kate Imbach writes about how Melania Trump only shows parts of her life; Imbach supplies analysis of the types of pictures Melania Trump posts along with tallies of how many additional pictures are in that category.

Most of Melania’s pictures are deliberately cropped to avoid revealing anything personal about her life. Many of the pictures are status updates about location. She is rarely in the pictures, but when she is, she controls elements of the image until her features are in some way obscured, whether the lighting removes all of her facial contours, or her eyes are hidden behind sunglasses, or she only chooses to show parts of her body. She never shows herself whole and unfiltered or unobscured. The vast majority of the images of locations are taken from behind glass whether the window is in her penthouse apartment, a private airplane, a car, or an arena boxseat. There is an interesting barrier to all that she shares.