An observation about selection

Over break, I decided to finally take care of a box of pictures I’ve had sitting on a shelf ever since we moved into this house 6 years ago. I had to sort through all of the pictures I’d printed from early married life to when my oldest was around 6 years old. I managed to make an album of baby pictures for each of the kids when they were under a year old, but all of the other pictures got thrown into this box, to be dealt with later. My firstborn was the first grandchild in the family on both sides, so not only do I have the pictures I took but also the pictures given to me by two sets of parents.


Observation 1: I took a lot of pictures of my firstborn. And had duplicates made. And kept every blurry shot.

Observation 2: Digital camera= less printouts. My second child has fewer printed pictures. Who knows what is in my digital archive… Poor third born child has fewer pictures but more videos.

Observation 3: (the real reason I am blogging this) What gets selected for inclusion in an album differs over time. I had the chance to tinker with revisionist history as I omitted ex-wives. My father-in-law’s wife #2 was redacted as much as possible. Some evidence remains of a brother-in-law’s fiancee #1 and wife #1 (2 different people). Fortunately, another brother-in-law is on friendly terms with his ex-wife.

Previously, I probably wouldn’t have included many pictures of myself either because I disliked X, Y, or Z about the picture. Now, I am glad to have the occasional picture of myself with my kids because it helps me remember time spent with them. Oh, and the times of my life when I felt fat would look very skinny to the person I was two years ago.