Other project ideas…

After receiving an email telling me that the Sparklepony project might require IRB approval, I thought I’d sketch out a few additional ideas for feedback.

  1. Assessment of visual literacy. This idea is not without complications, either. A colleague and I have created an assessment test for use at our community college. One section of each test includes an advertisement. The students have to answer questions about the visual composition of the image as well as questions about the audience for the image. One idea is to research along the lines of what was in the Barthes’ reading for today what students should know. I had some issues with getting IRB approval from ODU when I first mentioned this project a year ago. I also cannot share the portion of the test on my public blog, as it is still being deployed to students.
  2. BBC’s Sherlock. When watching Season 4, I noticed that Sherlock’s clothing fit motifs introduced in previous seasons, but unlike earlier seasons where it seemed like the clothes were wearing him or as if the clothing had become some sort of trope for the audience, this season’s choices were less noticeable but still served a purpose of showing the outer world what he was prepared to do.
  3. Concert totems. I once joked that I wanted to write my dissertation about concert rhetoric and try for grant funding to attend music festivals. I went to a major music festival two years ago and took many pictures of the totems that were used so groups could locate the rest of their group members in the crowd. Additionally, I have my own experiences with a sign that I held on day three of the festival and how the totem created a more social dynamic to the concert attendance. (Put this under the category of “If you carry a cardboard banjo with you to a bluegrass show, lots of people will talk to you”).

One thought on “Other project ideas…

  1. Nicole – I’d like to talk to you a little about the IRB concerns that were given about your first project idea. I think it would be highly worth sharing. And of course, anything confidential like that would not required to be on the blog. Either one of your other two would work, of course. There is a long history of studying film in visual rhetoric; there will be many models of analysis for you to choose from. The concert totems again is quite viable as well from a number of perspectives. (And there is no reason it can’t serve as the starting point for a dissertation.)


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