Comic of concept from today’s readings


In the Malafouris reading, he discusses a blind man with a walking stick and how the stick could be analyzed. Because the stick allows the blind man to perceive the road, one may wonder if the stick becomes the blind man’s eyes where it meets the road, halfway up the stick, or where the man’s hand connects with the stick. Or, the stick could be fused with the man because, as a tool, it is an extension of himself. One could also argue that it is not the stick that is important but the messages that are sent, via the stick, to the man to be perceived. As a pragmatist, I found it most important that the man was able to perceive the road in front of him.



P.S. You did say stick figures were ok. This is one type of stick figure. Get it? I’ll be more digital in the future. You also said 3 panels. I didn’t draw frames around the types of stick perception, but I see them as 3 panels minus visible frames. I wanted them perceived as equal possibilities.


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